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How to change your address from 

La Conexion, a registered

 CMRA (Commercial Mail Receiving Agency)


According to form PS1583 from USPS: Once you change your address permanently to 220 N Zapata Hwy Ste 11, Laredo TX 78043 (Registered CMRA) the United States Postal Service is no longer responsible for your change of address. You can not request a change with them. The transfer of mail is the responsibility of the addressee and the CMRA.


1- Send an email to requesting a change of address. 


2- Go by your La Conexion office and notify the desk clerk.


3- Purchase at least 3 prepaid priority mail envelopes for forwarding your mail from San Miguel de Allende to destination. These will be mailed monthly. 


4- When you receive your forwarded mail at your new address, send your new address to everyone who is sending you mail. 


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