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La Conexion

has made it so easy...

To receive packages from
the United States and Abroad

Go shopping! 
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220 N Zapata Hwy Ste 11
Laredo TX 78043 - 4464

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Wait between 5 to 10 business days to receive a Paypal invoice in your email

Need something faster? We have an expedited service!
Contact us for
more info.

Your package will be ready for pick up the following day! 

Don't want to leave your house? 
Become a member and enjoy the comfort of home delivery. 

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Friends and family can send you packages to the same address. 
Need to send used items? We can do that too! We can do it all!

We do not process illegal weapons or drugs.
We can't guarantee the delivery of perishable food items. 

How to Use

Flat Rate Fees

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Up to 1 1/2 in high moves to next flat rate

Extra Large Fees

Get a Price Quote

Thanks! We’ll send you a price quote shortly.

Price Quote

How do we quote our

extra large shipments?

We charge based on volume of the box. (Size of the box)

$3.25 USD per lb of dimensional weight

How we determine the price:

Step 1: We measure the box. L x W x H or use the dimensions given by client. 

Step 2: We calculate dimensional weight and round up to the nearest whole number

Step 3: We multiply that number by 3.25 and we get the price. 

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All items that are longer than 6ft will have an additional $100 fee.

Note on extra heavy items

When the package's actual weight exceeds the dimensional weight. Package may be charged by actual weight.  

Insurance Policy

All packages are insured for up to $50 USD. 


If you wish for a higher insurance, it will need to be requested before the package arrives in San Miguel de Allende.  Cost of insurance is 15% of the declared value. 

Please request insurance at

La Conexion will assume liability for a lost package only if our Laredo staff has signed for it.

If a package is lost, the client must provide proof of delivery with a signature from one of the Laredo staff:  who signed for it and on what date. If the merchandise is shipped without a tracking number or without the required signature, the merchandise's liability remains with the original shipper. Once proof of delivery has been established La Conexion becomes liable for the package. 

If merchandise is damaged, you will need to return the merchandise to the office so we can issue your refund. 

NB Packgs

Northbound Package Service

La Conexion offers a return service for merchandise brought down by our service. 

We also offer our members exclusive use to send all sorts of packages to the United States.

Return Service
*Only for items brought down by La Conexion*

Bring by the merchandise you wish to return with a prepaid label provided to you by the company you purchased the merchandise from.


This can be packed in a box that was provided by the company

or in a box offered at La Conexion.

If the company did not provide a prepaid label,

postage can be purchased at La Conexion. 


Cost of shipping: (depends on size) Starting at $250 pesos

*Member Exclusive*
Personal Shipping Service

Small - $350 pesos

( 8⅝ inches x 5⅜ inches x 1⅝ inches)
The Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box is about the same size and shape as three stacked DVD cases, perfect for jewelry, electronics, event tickets, or other small items.


Medium - $770 pesos

(11 inches x 8½ inches x 5½ inches (top-loading) 

Perfect for model cars, shoes, and taller items.






(13⅝ inches x 11⅞ inches x 3⅜ inches (side-loading) - Ideal for garments, board games, books, and other relatively thin items




Large - $910 pesos

(12 inches x 12-1/4 inches x 6 inches)
Ideal for larger items such as books.

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Odd Sizes - $ varies

(Package needs to be brought into the office to be measured and quoted.) 

Estimated Delivery Time to Laredo, Texas

5-7 business days. 

All packages must be open in order to go through inspection. This is a requirement when shipping through international borders. You will also be required to fill out a customs form for your shipment.

Hold Package in Laredo

If you want your package to be held in Laredo, you must notify us in writing via email to with the subject line as HOLD PACKAGE IN LAREDO.

We must be notified of this BEFORE your package arrives at our office in Laredo, Texas.

We consolidate and ship our packages daily.

Packages on hold in Laredo must be picked up within 5 working days

or we charge a storage fee of $30.00 USD per month.

Receiving Packages from Mexico

If you are expecting a package to arrive from Mexico,

La Conexion will charge a $4.00 USD storage fee for your package. 

Starting April 1, 2019

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