How to use our package service



Sign up for our general delivery service.

(If not a member.) 


Place an order to be sent to:

220 N Zapata Hwy Ste 11

Laredo TX 78043



The last step for using our package service is to send your declared value to
Sending Your Declared Value
When placing an order online we ask that you forward the electronic invoice to our email provided above.
Your declared value establishes liability with La Conexion. 
For information of sending used items or receiving gifts, please click here. 

We no do not process


Drugs or



Items for human or animal consumption

Items for Re-Sale

All items processed through our system must be for personal use. 


(Shipping & Handling)

 La Conexion charges 15% of the value of the merchandise plus 1.00 USD per pound. Your declared value establishes liability with La Conexion.

 If merchandise is valued at less than 12.00 USD we will charge you a MINIMUM CHARGE rate of 4.00 USD

All packages are charged by whichever is higher the actual weight or the dimensional weight (DWT).
To determine DWT we use the following formula:
L x W x H/166

Any package over 24 x 24 x 24 has a minimum charge of $250 USD

Due to an increase in the value of fuels and transportation La Conexion will charge $1.00 fee per package.


Estimated Delivery Time

5 to 10 business days

(Once it arrives in Laredo)


Sending Used Items

Whenever we receive used items,

we will charge the postage marked on the package that was given to send it from its origin to destination

and an additional $10 USD to send it to San Miguel de Allende.



Sending Rugs and Oversized packages

Sending rugs or packages that are 6ft or longer will have an additional $100 USD shipping charge, plus 17% of the value handling charge. 


Lost Package?

Don't Worry!


All packages sent through our service are fully insured for the declared value.

However, we will assume liability for a lost package only if our Laredo staff has signed for it.

If a package is lost the client must provide proof of delivery with a signature from one of the Laredo staff:  who signed for it, on what date, plus the original invoice showing the value of the lost merchandise.


If the merchandise is shipped without a tracking number or without the required signature, the merchandise remains with the original shipper.

Once proof of delivery has been established La Conexion becomes liable for the package. The full value, including the shipping charges, will be reimbursed to the client.


Broken or Damaged Package?


The merchandise must be brought in to one of our locations in order to receive a full refund of the declared value for the damaged package.

We will receive the item and pay you back in full. 


Hold Package in Laredo

If you want your package to be held in Laredo, you must notify us in writing via email to with the subject line as HOLD PACKAGE IN LAREDO.

Packages on hold in Laredo must be picked up within 5 working days or we charge a storage fee of $30.00 USD per month.


Receiving Packages from Mexico

If you are expecting a package to arrive from Mexico, La Conexion will charge a $4.00 USD storage fee for your package. 

We apologize if this becomes an inconvenience.

Please speak to our staff or send an email here if you have any questions or concerns regarding this process.  

Starting April 1, 2019


Ordering Something from Amazon?

Please read through our guidelines when ordering merchandise from Amazon.

We ask you follow a special procedure when sending the declared value from Amazon.

Click here to read guidelines.