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La Conexion provides a consumer package service between the United States/Canada and Mexico.  


Package Service



flat rate over 1 1/2 in high moves to next flat rate

Small (up to 11 x 9 in) - $6.00

Medium (14 x 11 in) - $8.00

Large (16 x 18) - $12.00 



Extra large items will be charged dimensional weight (DWT) only.


DWT rates are flexible.

Please contact

L X W X H / 166 = DWT in lbs


$3.25 per pound (lbs)


All items processed through our system must be for personal use. 

We no do not process


Drugs or



Items for human or animal consumption

Items for Re-Sale

Delivery Time

Estimated Delivery Time

5 to 10 business days

(Once it arrives in Laredo)

Insurance Policy


All packages are insured for only the amount of the package service fee charged.


If you wish for a higher insurance, it will need to be requested before the package arrives in Laredo. Cost of insurance 5% of the declared value. 

Please request insurance at

La conexion will assume liability for a lost package only if our Laredo staff has signed for it.

If a package is lost the client must provide proof of delivery with a signature from one of the Laredo staff:  who signed for it and on what date.

If the merchandise is shipped without a tracking number or without the required signature, the merchandise remains with the original shipper.

Once proof of delivery has been established La Conexion becomes liable for the package. 

Hold Package

Hold Package in Laredo

If you want your package to be held in Laredo, you must notify us in writing via email to with the subject line as HOLD PACKAGE IN LAREDO.

Packages on hold in Laredo must be picked up within 5 working days or we charge a storage fee of $30.00 USD per month.

Receiving Packages from Mexico

If you are expecting a package to arrive from Mexico, La Conexion will charge a $4.00 USD storage fee for your package. 

We apologize if this becomes an inconvenience.

Please speak to our staff or send an email here if you have any questions or concerns regarding this process.  

Starting April 1, 2019

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