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-5 pieces of mail-

per month


-1 magazine or newspaper 


-unlimited mail-


& newspapers

-register corporate- address

-Home Delivery-


-21% discount-

vs monthly

10 USD
per month*
d by the year

18 USD
per month*
by the year

-unlimited mail-


& newspapers

23 USD
per month
-cancel anytime-

If you wish to downgrade your membership you must wait for your membership to renew.

We do not offer full or partial refunds for memberships paid by the year


Fill out the form bellow. 


Within 24 hours you will receive a welcome email with your new PMB# along with an electronic invoice to pay your membership. 



Request an address change with USPS with your local post office or online by clicking here:

Change your Address with USPS



In 10 business days you will receive your first piece of mail from USPS confirming your address change.

You will be required to fill out a PS1583 form at our office. 

(Bring 2 forms of ID)

Enjoy our service!

Note on changing your address from a CMRA

(Commercial Mail Receiving Agency)

You will not be able to request an address change with USPS.

As a CMRA, we are obliged to forward your mail for up to 6 months upon termination of the contract. However, we are not obliged to pay for postage.

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What location do you want to pick up you mail at?
What membership are you interested in?

Thank you for signing up! We will be in contact with you shortly.

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