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Important Information 

for all La Conexion Package Service Users 


In order to provide you with a fast and efficient service in is important that you provide us with the appropriate information. You as a client have the responsibility to provide us a full description of the merchandise and its declared value whenever you are expecting a package. Without this information, your package can not be processed. 


We are currently facing many issues with Amazon invoices that are being forwarded to us. 

Most forwarded emails from Amazon include the value of the merchandise but not the description. We have no way of matching the packages this way. We can not accept declared values like this. 


We no longer accept forwarded invoice emails from Amazon. 

Please include a PDF attachment of the Amazon invoice when sending us the declared value. 


Here are some simple steps that you need to follow if you are expecting a package from Amazon.  

We do not mean to inconvenience you, we only wish to provide you the best service possible. 


Thank you so much for understanding and for following these instructions. 

1. Log in to your Amazon account.


2. Move your mouse pointer to the "Your Account" drop-down menu and click "Your Orders".


3. Click "Invoice" on the right side of the order number

La Conexion Client
Screenshot (53).png
La Conexion Client
La Conexion Client

4. Press "Ctrl-P" and then change the printer setting to PDF

(⌘'command' - P for mac)

Screenshot (54).png

5. Name your PDF Amazon order.

Screenshot (55).png

6. Send email to

Screenshot (57).png

7. Press the little icon of the paperclip (attachment) and attach the PDF named Amazon order.

The attachment is in your download file, press open and it will appear on the email you are sending to

Screenshot (59).png
Screenshot (60).png

**If you have a smart phone or a tablet, follow the same steps, but instead of downloading a PDF, simply take a screenshot of the invoice and attach it to the email. The screenshot will be in your photos.

Please google "How to take a screen shot with

your type of phone."   for screenshot instructions.

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